I recently had a conversation with someone who was struggling with understanding the dynamics of truth. She was grappling with multiple relational challenges where truth seemed to be the theme.  In one of her “TRUTH” themes, the truth if revealed, could have undesirable legal consequences. Another, was where the truth was being violated by someone else and she was assessing her responsibility in addressing it or sharing it with those whom may be affected by it.  The last situation involved her truth; learning how to clarify it, not to hide from it and be comfortable in it.

The concept of truth seems like a simple notion to understand, but quite a difficult one to practice.  Truth requires awareness and accountability; two qualities that unfortunately, seem to be fleeting in our society.  To be aware, means to be vulnerable and to be accountable; it also means to be egoless.  Sigh… I think we may be headed for trouble… J

The essence of truth is consistent and restorative. Truth wears no disguises; it is pure, unconditional and unwavering. It requires bravery and responsibility.  There are no short cuts to the truth; nor are there versions or half-truths.  Truth requires letting go of the fear that keeps us rigid in our views, clouded by our judgements, and fooled by our illusions.  It requires a strong awareness of one’s self and the ability to stand up for what we believe in, regardless of the consequences.  This is not without challenges of course, which is why it’s frequently said, “Everybody lies.”  There have been many people jailed for speaking their truths; abandoned, ridiculed, spit on, shamed and even killed.  So, it’s reasonable for people to want to hide it, fear it and even avoid it.   But the cost of not living or speaking our truth, is evident in the many aspects of human existence; failed relationships, abuse, neglect, corruption in business, education, government; the list could go on.

So, what needs to happen for more people to begin living and speaking their truth? The first step, is to identify what their truth is.  Self-awareness is key in determining what one values and what one values, is their truth. One of the activities I give a client in our first few sessions, is a Values Identification Activity.  Truth requires clarity of values; defining the precepts one chooses to live by. Gaining clarity of our values, allows us to make better decisions and choose healthier behaviors. And when we make better decisions and healthier choices, we are practicing our truth.  We are living our truth out loud. And lead by our truth, we not only empower ourselves, but we inspire others to do the same.

What is your truth?  Are you ready to learn how to practice it?

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