I have discovered in my work with people, an interesting dichotomy; though some might say just being a human being is a dichotomy.  I’ve taken the opinion that our “genius” can also be our “crazy.” Or in other words, our “Super Power” can also be our “Kryptonite.”  Take for example an individual’s innate ability to problem solve by focusing so intensely on a finding a solution, that it becomes obsessive in nature. Or perhaps another’s ability to have empathy and feel other people’s pain, but become so absorbed in someone else’s energy that it seems like their own.

What makes us unique and successful, can also become our source of sabotage if we are not mindful of how our brain works. I often tell my clients, it’s not so much the behavior that is the sole problem, but rather how we are managing and directing that behavior that becomes the real issue for people. If we focus first on identifying and accepting our Super Power, our uniqueness, we can be more cognizant of its antithesis.

Self-awareness and contemplative practices, such as Meditation and Yoga, help one to become more conscious; less reactive. Allowing for more focus and understanding of how to direct one’s Super Powers for positive, rather than allowing it to turn to Kryptonite, and be stuck in negative patterns.

The freedom that self-acceptance brings can be very empowering and can lead one on a path that allows them to use their Super Power to help themselves and to help others.  And wouldn’t you say we need more Super Heroes in this world?

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