Mindfulness Meditation Workshop
Adapted from the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, draws on modern and traditional approaches designed to teach the basic skills in understanding and integrating mindfulness, compassion and meditation into everyday life.

Runs :  One day a week for 8 weeks – 2.5 hour

Empowering Women Workshop/Group
Modern women have many roles; Mother, Wife, Caregiver, Partner, Professional, Caregiver, Friend, Daughter, Caregiver. Get the picture?! Women are primarily socialized to care for others, anticipate needs, fix, mend, and make things better.  We learn that we must get a man, keep a man, care for a man. We are objectified, sexualized, and role stereotyped. As a result, women learn to compare, compete and chastise each other.  And the harder we try to be what everyone wants us to be, the further away we grow from ourselves…  What if we taught women how to love themselves first, to care and anticipate their needs before they focused on trying to anticipate and fix others? What if we taught women that other women are not the enemy, but rather then real enemy is ourselves? What if we taught women how to develop strong healthy relationships, by first loving herself and cultivating a strong support system in other women.

WE – Women Empowered seeks to create a support group for women of all ages; sharing wisdom and empowering dreams.  This is a sister circle for those who are willing to bring an open heart, an open mind and soul ready to laugh, sing and soar!

Runs:  1.5 hour on-going; bi-weekly, weekly

Mindfulness Themed Retreats – Relationships, Life Purpose, Moms, Women, Couples, Teens, etc…
One day Mindfulness training designed with specific theme in mind.

Run: 4-5 hours on a weekend

Mindful Relationships
Relationships begin with awareness. Learn how to create and participate in healthy and supportive relationships involve remaining mindful of the other person.

Runs:   One day a week for six weeks – 1. 5 hour

For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me 

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