90 Minutes ; Also offered as half-day and full-day

Stress Management for Work-Life Balance Reduction
We spend more than half of our waking time doing work related activities. Workplace stress is costing businesses over $300 billions dollars and is leading to absenteeism, turnover and increased healthcare costs. Mindfulness is being employed by major corporations, the military, hospitals, professional sports and schools because the research is showing it can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and can improve focus, productivity and enhance employee happiness. This workshop presents current scientific research on Mindfulness and how it can be used by companies to create more positive and productive work environments. Participants will also learn mindfulness breathing and focusing techniques that can help clear the clutter in the mind.

Un-focusing the Mind to Maximize Creativity and Concentration
Un-focusing the mind?  In an age where everyone is looking to learn how to focus more, how does learning to un-focus maximize any positive effects?  The difficulty is, excessive focus can exhaust the brain circuits responsible for focusing; draining your energy and decreasing self-control. This can lead to impulsivity, poor self-regulation, and uncooperative behaviors. The latest neuroscience research suggests that both focusing and un-focusing are imperative. The brain operates optimally when it toggles between focus and un-focus, enhancing creativity, increasing resilience and improving decision making skills. This workshop presents the introduces the latest neuroscience research on focus and how incorporating a few simple practices can change the way we approach our work and the outcomes we experience.

Meditation Workshop for Reducing Stress

“Meditation makes you more productive.” – Forbes

“Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.” – Scientific American

For individuals working in a fast-paced and demanding environment, this corporate mindfulness workshop will provide simple techniques to rejuvenate and refresh the mind. The mind is the control center for our emotional and physical health. This mindfulness training will take participants through a variety of mind quieting, breathing, and focusing techniques that will help individuals reduce stress and anxiety simultaneously increasing their productivity. According to MIT News and The New York Times, regular meditation can improve focus, creativity, and memory. A regular implementation of meditation practice can lead to happier and healthier employees fostering a more positive work environment.

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