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Welcome To imanlkhan.com

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Iman is a contributing author to Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens – Chapter 14: Mindfulness in Nature

“We are so fond of being out among Nature, because it has no opinions about us.” ~ Fredrick Nietzsche

Based upon my brain-based mindfulness curriculum developed and taught at Nature’s Classroom Institute, this book is a wealth of information and an excellent resource for anyone interested in incorporating mindfulness skills with kids and teens in a multitude of settings. Most of the information in this book can also be adapted for work with adults.

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Customized, science-based methods for increasing self-awareness, improving emotional regulation, gaining clarity in values/goals and improving one’s overall life satisfaction and happiness practice. Adults, couples, teens, children, family Learn More …


A non-invasive neurobiological treatment method aimed to reduce limiting beliefs, remove performance blocks, reduce anxiety, trauma and depression related symptoms. Adults, teens, athletes, first responders, performers, executives Learn More …


Offering a unique approach to alternative dispute resolution, rooted in collaborative and mindfulness based principles. Special education, divorce, custody, workplace Learn More …


Delivering customized Mindfulness-based training and workshops to improve focus and clarity, reduce burnout, encourage creativity and cultivate positive communication practices. Senior business leaders, executives school, administrators, teachers and community leaders Learn More …


Providing virtual therapy and coaching for clients that prefer a more flexible, convenient and alternative approach to achieving their goals Read More …



Ask Warren Buffet, billionaire investor, what the best investment is? His answer will be, investing in yourself. But we don’t need a billionaire to validate our self-worth. All we really need is a growth mindset and a willingness to prioritize our psychological health as most of do with our physical health. Customized, evidence-based Mindfulness and personal growth workshops designed to present the latest neuroscience research to develop and support a happiness practice that leads to greater self-awareness, more connected relationships and healthier minds and bodies Learn More …


Creative thinking and effective decision making skills are critical for business success, especially in times of uncertainty. Mindfulness strategies and skills are being adopted by Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Target and Nike. Research in contemplative neuroscience suggest that mindfulness – the practice of intentionally focusing on the present moment, makes us more resilient, regulates our stress response, increases emotional intelligence and strengthens our ability to focus. All important skills in business and in life. Customized, Mindfulness-based leadership and professional development workshops designed to present the latest research in neuroscience and Mindfulness to create conscious leaders and positive employee morale Learn More …

 Mindfulness | Focus | Happiness | Self-Awareness | Purpose


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