Customized, science-based methods for increasing self-awareness, improving emotional regulation, gaining clarity in values/goals and improving one’s overall life satisfaction and happiness practice. Working with individuals, couples, families and children, to increase accountability, improve communication skills and adapt practices that lead to a more positive life experience.

Science-based methods utilizing mind/body techniques that increase mind/body awareness, define goals, and improve performance. Incorporating the brain – based psychotherapy tool of Brainspotting, clients will be introduced to how to overcome performance blocks and improve consistency in positive performance practices.


Individual and group coaching/support for senior business leaders, executives, school administrators, teachers and staff and community leaders. Design/Facilitation of mindfulness-based meetings, workshops and conferences. Customized Mindfulness based courses and activities.


Providing mediation services in Family, Workplace, Special Education and Community. Offering a unique, but conscious approach to alternative dispute resolution. Incorporating Mindfulness principles and practices that promote balanced decision making and encourages a healthy, positive resolution.


Offering Brainspotting services to assist in a variety of life’s challenges such as: Sports performance problems, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship issues, and ADHD. Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment that reduces and can eliminate body pain and tension, ease anxiety and eliminate performance blocks. It harnesses the mind and body’s natural self-scanning and healing ability to dismantle trauma, distress and unhelpful thought patterns at the subconscious core, freeing the mind and body.

If there is a service not listed listed above that you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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