Practice Guidelines

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and typically once a week. Sessions may be customized in both length and frequency depending on the services provided (therapy billed to insurance inhibits customization), defined goals, and tools need. Sessions are conducted in person and video conferencing.

These services are customized to the needs of the client. I will provide a 15 minute consultation free of charge, to determine a plan that will best suit your needs. Fees will be discussed at that time.

Payment is due in full at time of appointment. I am in-network provider for a few insurance carriers. I also have modified cash pay rates to alleviate the need of having insurance dictate and document your self-development work. I am happy to discuss with you pros and cons of using insurance. If you choose to use insurance for psychotherapy based services, understanding benefits can be challenging! I created an informational document, I’ve attached below, to assist you in obtaining this information.

If you choose to use insurance, I kindly request that you contact your insurance carrier prior to our appointment. Clients are responsible for payment in full on the appointment date, so it is imperative you know what your benefits are, to understand your portion of the financial responsibility. There is a toll-free number (usually found on the back of your insurance card) to contact a plan representative. Make sure to have something to record the information with, as there will be lots of numbers provided!J If you are coming to see me for individual therapy, inform the representative that you are planning on seeking out-patient mental health services; first accessing an Individual Initial Evaluation (CPT Code 90791) and then ongoing Individual Therapy (CPT code 90834 or 90837). You will then tell the representative that you will be seeing me, Iman L. Khan, LPC. They will let you know if I am considered an in-network or out-of-network provider. I’m able to submit to insurance on your behalf, if I am an in-network provider. If I’m out of network, I will provide you with a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company.

The following are other specific questions to ask the representative:

  1. Is there a deductible?
  2. What is the deductible period?
  3. Is it a calendar year or is the period calculated on a different schedule? For example, many plans for school or college employees run on a school calendar.
  4. How much is the deductible?
  5. How much of that deductible has been met?
  6. What percentage will your insurance company pay for each session?
  7. Is this percentage based on the actual amount that the clinician bills for his services?
  8. What is the maximum number of sessions allowed per year?
  9. Is pre-approval or pre-certification required by the plan?
  10. If so, what is the procedure for pre-approval or pre-certification?

These questions will allow you to gain the knowledge necessary to understand your benefits. Please bring this information with you, along with your payment and your paperwork to our first appointment.

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